Rut and Willy’s day was full of starts in daylight, they celebrated their wedding at Finca Valquijancho in Madrid, and there are no words to describe how nice the wedding was. We made a video to tell you so.

Here we go with María and Gonzalo on their wedding at Monasterio de Valbuena in Valladolid. Without doubt a great experience for us this season. We enjoyed every single moment. María and Gonzalo, THANK YOU!

With July, the day of Almu and Luis arrived. In Segovia first and then at Finca Las Margas, they celebrated their LOVE which was born a bunch of years before.

Cris and David’s wedding allow us to travel a bit around the world. Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao or Hong Kong are some of the places which keeps a secret of their love story. And since our goal is to tell stories, here is, thru our eyes, what they lived that day of May.

Forest and fields. The sounf of the river and the birds singing. Segovia hides amazing places and with Almudena and Luis we could scape to explore and enjoy. There engagement video gives goose bumps. Go.

An industrial wedding at ‘La Estación’ in Otero de Herreros, Segovia. This very special place keeps beauty in every corner.  With Marta and Javi we discovered how LOVE looks.